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Terrific speaker, entertaining and informative style. Time flew and I learned a lot.
Bank of America Participant

About the Speaker
A respected speaker, author of 16 books, executive coach, and thought leader, Steve
Gladis researches, writes, and speaks about the latest thinking in the field of leadership.
A leader himself, Dr. Gladis has led teams across government, private, and nonprofit entities, including the FBI, U.S. Marine Corps, and University of Virginia. Dr. Gladis uses stories to punctuate his straightforward, clear message about leadership. His action-packed leadership journey provides a wealth of material from which to draw examples and witty anecdotes that keep audiences entertained and engaged. Using stories from business, Marine Corps combat and the FBI, Dr. Gladis introduces his audience to the different leadership types and the skills required for them.

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sample vignettes
“Trust in Leadership”

Speech Topics
The Trusted Leader: Trust is the foundation of any relationship—whether among friends, relatives, peers, companies and their customers, or managers and their employees. Dr. Gladis demonstrates how trust works and explains how this competency is critical to leadership success. He provides a simple yet powerful model (The Trust Triangle) to help attendees remember the three key elements of Trust.
–based on his book: The Trusted Leader: Understanding the Trust Triangle

The Agile Leader: Agility has become an increasingly important requirement for leaders in today’s environment. Dr. Gladis helps audiences understand how power, politics and culture create an increasingly complex environment and shares techniques for improving leadership agility to handle the constant changes. A key area of focus includes how to create and maintain a culture of candor and demonstrates how to have those difficult but necessary “tough talks” with people while at the same time preserving the relationship.
–based on his book: The Agile Leader: A Playbook for Leaders

The Accidental Leader: Ask anyone how they got to their leadership position, and the story often starts with, “I sort of fell into it…” Dr. Gladis uses the story of the accidental leader to address how leaders inadvertently get thrown into the deep end of the pool and shares best practices for what they can do to keep from drowning.
–based on his book: The Journey of the Accidental Leader

The Transparent Leader: Leadership Communication is a bedrock skill set for any leader. In short, if a leader cannot express herself or himself either in writing or speaking to individuals or large groups, the chances of success are limited. Dr. Gladis shares his Top Ten Leadership Communication Skills every leader must have to be successful.
–based on his book: The Transparent Leader: A Business Fable of Clear and Effective Leadership Communication

The Coach-Approach Leader: Many leaders were raised and developed in environments where the dominant leadership style was authoritative. This style resembles a command and control, military-like style, which may be effective in times of combat, but often fails in today’s fast paced, open and agile business world. Dr. Gladis shares the new, more effective leadership style, the “Coach-Approach,” based on research and best practices from the world’s greatest leaders—teaching leaders the power of questions, curiosity and possibilities rather than giving answers and barking orders.
–based on his book: The Coach Approach Leader: Questions, Not Answers,
Make Great Leaders

The Positive Leader:A clear trend has emerged in the field of leadership—a focus on the power of positivity. There is overwhelming research that positive people are easier to work with, more productive, more creative, and far more open to change than their less positive peers. The good news is that positivity can be learned. Citing research and practice from the best folks in this business of well-being, Dr. Gladis sets up a three-step formula to create more positive leaders, who in turn develop “healthy” workplaces and deliver greater results for their organizations.
–based on his book: The Positive Leader: Well-being and Leadership

What People Say about Steve Gladis’ presentations
Post Newsweek Tech Media: “Excellent! I really enjoyed the presentation. Steve was very knowledgeable, and he conveyed the information in a relaxed, clear and entertaining manner.”

U.S. Department of Labor: “Extremely helpful tips that I will certainly use in my day-to-day writing. The professor was excellent at giving a broad view of what’s important.”

Bank of America: “Terrific speaker—entertaining and informative style. Time flew and I learned a lot.”

U.S. Government Accountability Office: “Excellent course; very dynamic instructor. I took away many new insights as well as practical tips.”

Cox Communications: “Insightful. Keeps your attention. I can’t wait to try this on my own.”

Fairfax Education Association: “Valuable information was provided that I can use when developing plans for recruitment of members.”

Wolf Trap Foundation: “Course was well prepared and delivered in an interesting and captivating way. Very useful information.”

More feedback
–“Great sense of humor and ability to engage the audience.”
–“I love how Dr. Gladis relates the material to everyday situations that we face in our jobs and personal life.”
–“Dr. Gladis’ interactive exercises and energy helped me relate to and understand the broader concepts.”
–“Steve Gladis is a wonderful instructor and his classes are by far the best I have attended. I truly have enjoyed every session.”
–“Dr. Gladis is knowledgeable and engaging and a very effective speaker.”

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