Seminar attendees have represented—
–Booz Allen Hamilton
–ATPCO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company)
–FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools)
–SRA International
–Lockheed Martin
–Interstate Van Lines
–PEC Solutions
–Government Accountability Office
–Washington Gas
–Wolf Trap Foundation
–Defense Technical Information Center
–The Council for Excellence in Government
–IMC Inc.
–Inova Health System
–Mitretek Systems
–American Red Cross—National Capital Chapter
–American Society for Training and Development
–Department of Labor
–Department of Justice
–Freddie Mac Foundation
–The University of Virginia

What Our Clients Say
Coaching Toward the Positive—class at George Mason University
“Dr. Gladis is informative and inspirational at a truly great level. His humor-laced teaching style creates rapport with the listener, and the ideas he communicates are of supreme benefit to anyone looking to positively manage productive and effective teams.”

“Steve is an energetic instructor who uses humor with his instruction which aids in learning.”

“Learning a lot and finding good applications for both the workplace and personal life.”

US President of an International Corporation
“As our executive coach, Steve Gladis worked with me and our senior executive team over the entire year and helped us to look closely at our customers, investors, employees, and ourselves.”

Federal Senior Executive Service
“I found Steve to be an outstanding coach. His insight, wisdom and professionalism made this an exceptionally worthwhile experience. I can not thank him enough for what he has done for me. I would highly recommend him as an executive coach to any government, business, or other executive.”

A Large Northern Virginia Nonprofit
“As my executive coach, Dr. Steve Gladis helped me prioritize and work through a number of organizational issues. As part of this process, I was able to help my board articulate a vision for the future which was key to the success of our strategic plan. The coaching experience was successful and of great value to me and my organization. I would recommend his executive coaching services for anyone interested in achieving their highest performance as a leader.”

Distinct Studios
“As the CEO of Distinct Studios, I’m pleased to say that Steve Gladis coached our executive team and took us to a new level in a short period of time. The momentum he provided has made a difference. Indeed, I highly recommend Steve to any executive looking for results.”

Guest Services, Inc.
“Dr. Steve Gladis coached executives at Guest Services, Inc. to help us coordinate and refine our team’s oral presentation in support of a major government food service RFP. We would strongly recommend Steve Gladis Communications to any government contractor interested in producing a professional oral presentation.”

University of Virginia
“Steve Gladis coached me when I was in the midst of both personal and career issues. Using his patience and executive coaching experience, Steve helped me to see the bigger picture and ultimately accomplish my goals. I’d recommend his services to any leader seeking a solution-focused coach.”

Environmental Protection Agency
“Dr. Gladis is an informative, helpful, and entertaining educator. I appreciate this excellent course and I plan to recommend it to others.”

Post Newsweek Tech Media
“Excellent! I really enjoyed the presentation. Steve was very knowledgeable and he conveyed the information in a relaxed, clear and entertaining manner.”

Travesky & Associates
“Excellent seminar. This was a good synopsis of how we can quickly improve our writing. Gladis is funny, informative, and extremely knowledgeable. I feel like I learned or relearned so much in such a short time.”

U.S. Department of Labor
“Extremely helpful tips that I will certainly use in my day-to-day writing. The professor was excellent at giving a broad view of what’s important.”

Bank of America
“Terrific speaker…entertaining and informative style. Time flew and I learned a lot.”

The Charles Koch Foundation
“Presenter was great. Provided actionable steps to implement into presentations and general interactions.”

U.S. Government Accountability Office
“Excellent course; very dynamic instructor. I took away many new insights as well as practical tips.”

Cox Communications
“Insightful. Keeps your attention. I can’t wait to try this on my own.”

Fairfax Education Association
“Valuable information was provided that I can use when developing plans for recruitment of members.”

Wolf Trap Foundation
“Course was well prepared and delivered in an interesting and captivating way. Very useful information.”

Digital Focus
“Very engaging…interesting and effective…The content had the right mix of data, rules, and anecdotes.”

Contact information
The George Mason Enterprise Center
10300 Eaton Place
Fairfax, VA 22030
t 703.424.3780