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Leadership Action & Leadership Communications Series
Courses offered by Steve Gladis Leadership Partners are focused on helping leaders achieve success. The on-site courses are offered in half-day and full-day sessions, as well as multiple-day sessions. Also, customized courses can be developed and offered in combinations with existing courses.

The Leadership Action Series
The purpose of this series is to help leaders make things happen—take action by leading people, making team decisions, getting results, and sustaining performance. Each workshop is 4 hours long and consists of lecture,demonstration and hands-on exercises.

Leading People–The Coach-Approach Process
Participants will learn how to use the CoachApproach to lead others. In this action workshop, participants will learn to apply inquiry-based techniques used by professional business and executive coaches to guide people to solve their own most difficult issues.
–suggested publication: The Coach-Approach Leader by Steve Gladis

Making Team Decisions
Using a CoachApproach to teams, participants will learn about the power of appreciative inquiry when approaching problems or issues. Participants will also learn how to apply action-learning techniques. Teams will get hands-on experience working on real, pressing issues they face in their organizations.
–suggested publication: The Coach-Approach Leader by Steve Gladis

Getting Results
Participants will learn how to apply the Trust Triangle to their personal and professional lives. They will also learn how to use the Motivated Sequence to get the results they want. Specifically, they will learn how to structure a document or presentation to get agreement or consensus from decision makers. In this action workshop, participants will apply these new skills to real, work related issues.
–suggested publication: The Trusted Leader: Understanding the Trust Triangle by
Steve Gladis

Sustaining Performance
Participants will learn how to motivate people. In this final action workshop, they will learn how transparency and clear leadership communication can produce sustained performance. Participants will also learn what motivates people and how to apply motivational research to their most pressing leadership challenges.
–suggested publication: The Transparent Leader by Steve Gladis

The Leadership Communication Series
To be successful, leaders need t be able to communicate their vision, values and thoughts. Thus Leadership Communication is more than a nice-to-have skill set. Rather it’s a need-to-have requirement.

Team Writing
Whether it is a critical proposal, report, or complex e-mail to a client or customer, important written documents require a higher level of attention. To produce excellent results, leaders must learn how the team-writing process works and how personality type affects writing styles. In this seminar, participants will learn how to use that knowledge to produce more powerful results-oriented documents.

Author, executive coach, and professor Steve Gladis, Ph.D. will teach you how to get the results you want by…Sharpening your own “survival writing” skills. Organizing a piece of writing at macro- and micro-levels. Working with a collaborative writing team. Giving and taking constructive, valuable feedback.
–suggested publication: Survival Writing for Business and WriteType: Personality Types and Writing Styles by Steve Gladis

Dynamic Presentations
Leaders must effectively communicate their ideas and vision to a variety of both internal and external groups. Learn valuable public speaking strategies to inspire audiences to listen and follow with enthusiasm. In this seminar, participants will learn both content and delivery skills necessary to become more dynamic, credible public speakers.

Author, executive coach, and professor Steve Gladis, Ph.D. will teach you how to get results as a dynamic speaker by…Developing a strong introduction and conclusion to any presentation. Constructing logical, documented arguments to help build the backbone of any presentation. Using corporate and personal stories to make ideas become real and personal. Organizing the entire speech into a cohesive, intelligent presentation. Delivering a presentation with enthusiasm by using key nonverbal elements including gestures, eye contact and other dynamic elements. Answering questions from the audience in a way the enhances the speaker’s reputation.
–suggested publication: The Manager’s Guide to Public Presentations by Steve Gladis

Powerful Persuasion
Leaders need to convince people and teams to see their vision, embrace it, and execute it. The art and science of persuasion lay the foundation for all influence in society. Learning the skills of persuasion will ensure that participants will be better able to lead people to accomplish the mission of their organizations.

Author, executive coach, and professor Steve Gladis, Ph.D. will teach you how to get the results you want by…Developing compelling approaches to persuade people. Understanding what motivates people to change. Learning how “tribes” influence members in a group. Applying the Aristotelian principles of character and competence. Mastering influence strategies to move people toward your ideas.
–suggested publication: Influence by Robert Cialdini

Leadership Communication Styles
All people have distinctive communication styles. Because leaders influence the lives of others and the success of organizations, they need to become even more self aware. Learning what their particular leadership communication style is and how it affects others, are critical factors for leadership success. Understanding the differences that others bring to any team or organization and using those differences to strengthen the group define excellent leadership.

Author, executive coach, and professor Steve Gladis, Ph.D. will teach you how to get results as a leader by…Understanding the basic elements of personality types. Learning how the “behavioral elements” influence how people perform. Appreciating the personality variances among team members. Motivating people based on understanding their individual personalities.Matching the right people with the right jobs.
suggested publication: Please Understand Me by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates

Other Workshops
The Agile Leader: Learn about power, politics and how to have tough talks in an organization.
The Trusted Leader: Learn about the Trust Triangle and why it’s so important in any relationship.

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