Executive Coaching

We have coached many executives and/or their teams in both the corporate as well as public service/government sectors.
–C-Level Executives
–Entire Executive Teams
As our executive coach, Steve Gladis worked with me and our senior executive team over the entire year and helped us to look closely at our customers, investors, employees, and ourselves.”  President of US Corporation

Executive Coaching Case Studies
Executive coaching is a core competency of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners (SGLP). We have been privileged to coach a variety of outstanding clients in the government, public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Here are several examples of executive coaching engagements:

A CEO of a Regional Organization
A successful CEO of a large regional organization wanted to develop a better relationship with his Board of Directors. Specifically, he wanted to engage them more in governance rather than in day-to-day management. SGLP provided executive coaching to this CEO, who achieved the following: Developed a tactical plan to work with the chairman and Board. Got his Board to focus on governance, not management. Won support for the new strategic plan for the organization.

A Senior Vice President in Higher Education
A successful senior vice president for a leading institution for higher education wanted to become an even better presenter and speaker to internal and external professional organizations. SGLP provided executive coaching to this executive, who achieved the following: Mastered delivery and content skills associated with highly successful speakers, as evidenced by his colleagues. Presented several new core speeches to serve as basis for his future appearances. Overcame his tendency to “wing it”in presentations and thus delivered more polished and successful presentations.

CEO of a Professional Association
A successful CEO of a prestigious professional agency wanted to better meet the demands of her complex job, complete projects on a timely basis, and figure out future steps for her career. SGLP provided this CEO with executive coaching, and she achieved the following: Provided more timely responses to her staff and Board. Developed a priority list of personal and professional priorities. Established some clear ìnext stepsî in her career.

CEO of a Private Company
A successful CEO of a privately held company wanted to become more focused and intentional about growing his business to the next level. He requested coaching to help him focus more precisely to meet his professional goals and objectives. SGL provided this CEO with executive coaching, and he achieved the following: Mined his considerable network into strategic groups that could help his business. Held himself accountable for asking people for help and new business. Developed his social network into an affinity group and held himself to a disciplined focus to grow his business.

Chief of Police for a Large Police Department
A well-respected Chief of Police wanted to prepare his department for the future. Specifically, he wanted to develop a recruiting, retention, and succession plan for his department, which they had been considering for some time. SGLP provided this Chief with executive coaching, and he achieved the following: Developed a comprehensive recruiting, retention and succession plan in only 6 months. Got the plan approved by his county manager. Has been executing the new plan.

Senior Executive Service
A senior executive service (SES) law enforcement official of the federal government wanted to work on several behavioral elements to get to the next level when he unexpectedly became involved in political crossfire that demanded he rethink his career path. SGLP provided this federal official with executive coaching, and he achieved the following: Researched and developed steps to make a move in government. Negotiated with his employer for a fair and reasonable replacement. Transitioned into a new, exciting job.

Senior Public Official
A senior level public official decided to work on several professional elements of his work life, including how he presented himself as well as his communication style. He worked tirelessly to perfect both his presentation style and his interpersonal management style. SGLP provided this senior public official with executive coaching, and the official achieved the following: Successfully testified before an important committee and won approval. Developed a personal plan to make definitive changes in his corporate communication skills. Implemented a communications plan which has already earned him very positive feedback from his staff.

CEO of a High-Tech Company
A CEO of a high-tech company sought out sounding board coaching to help deal with generational leadership issues when he took over a new company for interested investors. SGLP provided this CEO with sounding board coaching, and he achieved the following: Learned, through role playing, how he was presenting himself to a much younger staff. Facilitated a successful series of discussions with staff to come to some common ground. Provided investors with a valuable assessment of the company due to his improved relations with employees.

Team Coaching to High-Tech Company
The CEO and Chief Technology Officer of a high-tech company wanted to focus their energies on acquiring a new and more robust client base. They both wanted to engage in developing this base. SGLP provided them both with team coaching, and they achieved the following: Energized their outreach efforts, pledging to make a number of meets per week with potential clients. Held themselves accountable to meet their goals and objectives. Committed to a long-term refocus on business development.

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